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"Sarah is a skilled and inspiring instructor. Working with her is a fascinating experience: she is very adept and active in matching where I am at, helping me improve at a pace that is achievable and challenging, and addressing problems I encounter with clarity and kindness. As a former teacher I appreciate the effort Sarah puts into each lesson, responding to questions I have, and aiding me in realizing my goals as a fledgling violist. The improvements I have seen under her tutelage strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to further their ability in viola or violin."


"Dear Ms. Sarah,

I enjoyed being in your class and having you as my teacher. You listen and understand our needs and what we need to work on. You are also very fun and nice. You are supporting and you cheer us on. You make learning the violin even better and fun. I appreciate you taking the time to teach me and the class how to play the violin!"



"Ms Sarah was one of my earlier teachers that have taught me before. Through her lessons, I have improved my violin skills very much. She helped me grasp many musical concepts that require patience and time. She constantly reminds us to practice, being very committed to her students. She often provides suggestions and tips on our postures and the way we perform, helping us grow in our violin skills. She is a great violin teacher to have. I am glad I took her lessons and received her help."


"My name is Alice, and I am a student who had been playing the violin for about six years. I take violin classes with my violin teacher, Ms.Sarah. I gained numerous information from her about music and the violin. Every time, she would start the class with a little conversation about how I'm doing and share a few of her fun activities. Ms. Sarah would always ask which piece I would prefer to play first before we play on our violins. Through the times where I struggle, she would help me out patiently by connecting my problems to something that I can easily understand well. Besides solving my troubles, she would link it with some of her experiences about music, some examples of famous musicians, and some interesting facts and knowledge that I should know about being a musician and a violinist. I learned a lot about music and the violin while having so much fun! "


If you want to get new skills, better playing posture, new songs, and helpful learning habits, then Sarah is the right person for you. Being one of her students, she already taught me so many things I couldn't quite get with any other tutors. She is a very kind and patient person and she will help you meet your goals. She teaches you at your level and makes sure you get everything before moving on to a different skill. Overall Sarah is a great teacher and will help you excel in music.


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